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Antep Pistachio

Green Pistachio Kernels

Meverdi Pistachio Kernels


We sell the best quality antep pistachios. Pistachios inshell group  are Roasted and Salted, Raw pistachio and Roasted unsalted pistachio.

We provide all types of green pistachio kernels; sliced green pistachio, chopped green pistachio or powdered green pistachio

This pistachio can be found only in Antep. We harvest the meverdi pistachios between 15 and 30th August and We sell them in the types like green pistachio kernels

Antep Pistachio nuts are mostly used turkish desserts like baklava, sarma and kadayıf. They are well know and very delicious desserts


If you haven’t tasted antep pistachios you don’t know what your missing

Most pistachio consumers agree that the best tasting pistachios are grown in Turkey. And the best pistachios in Turkey come from the area around the city of Gaziantep. In Turkey, workers shake the branches with poles to harvest pistachios, usually in early September. The nuts then go to a processing center. Pistachios that are not being used immediately are stored in the husks. When it comes time to remove the husks, modern technology takes over.

At harvest time in Turkey, some of the nuts are brought directly into town and eaten as “fresh” pistachios. The consumer peels off the husk and eats the raw pistachio.

Iran and California pistachios tend to be larger and more open because they were developed from rootstocks that emphasize these attributes. Pistachios from Turkey are smaller and less open and have darker shells; but they feature a richer, more distinctive flavor than California and Iran pistachios. In fact, many pistachios eaters think Turkish pistachios are better tasting than any other variety, including Iranian.

We think part of the difference in flavor is based on processing methods
In Turkey, the red husks remain on the pistachios until they’re ready for processing and sale. As a result, the shells are a darker color and the nuts’ flavor is more intense because the delicate oils were protected.


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